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Norderney, Germany
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November, 2013

Norderney is the second largest Niedersachen island. In 1797, Nordeney was the first island along the German North Sea coast to get a sea spa. Norderney’s recuperative sea air reverberates with crashing waves and the cry of gulls. The entire northern coast of this 14-km-long island is sandy beach; the eastern part of the island is a national park. That’s why it is still known for its extensive health resorts and tourism. The island’s population is under 6,000 but its average age is high. It is due to health resorts and lack of schools that pushes young people to move to another city for education.
Marius Schmidt, 19, came back to his hometown after he completed the course of carpenter school. As soon as he came back home, he started to work in the souvenir shop of his father. He loves the island which provides good condition for surfing but one thing that bothers him is that there are just a few people about the his age in the island.

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